Unique Fun Tropical Mailboxes, Bird Mailboxes and Sea Animal Mailboxes 

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 Florida Style Animal Mailboxes ~ Tropical Animal Mailboxes from Mailboxes and Stuff

  Unique hand painted TROPICAL BIRD Mailboxes and SEA ANIMAL Mailboxes ,, Putting the FUN in Functional Art !  You don't have to live on the Coast to Enjoy one of our Unique Animal Mailboxes

 Our Unique Tropical Animal Mailboxes and Sea Life Animal mailboxes will NOT be found on any other website!!!! EXCLUSIVELY at MAILBOXES and STUFF!


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Tropical Bird and Sea Life Mailboxes ... Shipping will be calculated at check out based on your zip code in REAL time by Fed Ex  

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 Sea horse Wall mounted mailbox

We add Wall Mount Animal Mailboxes as they are requested ... check out our current collection .... check them out

 Wall mount Mailboxes



Need a Gift NOW ? We can still send a Gift Announcement Cards letting them know that a custom hand made mailbox is being created especially for them. It's the gift that gives twice once when they open the card and again when it arrives. Much easier to wrap, too! 


Our custom made Tropical mailboxes are Hand made and Hand Painted by husband and wife team, Susan and Bill Harrison who pride themselves in their HIGH QUALITY workmanship!

Our fun Pink Flamingo , Beautiful Snowy Egret and Great Blue Heron mailboxes are Popular all over the country ! Our unique animal mailbox collection also includes a colorful Toucan and Macaw , in either Scarlet or the popular Blue and Gold.

Going under the Sea, our Animal mailboxes include a cute Sea Turtle, beloved Manatee, a Dolphin and three different beautiful Tropical Fish Designs, where YOU get to select up to 3 colors !

Our "Crusty" Animals include 3 WHIMSICAL original designs for a Lobster, Red or Blue Crab and even a cute Shrimp !

Our fabulous fantasy Mermaid comes in your choice of "suit" color and hair color !

For our Scuba Diving Fans ,, we created a UNIQUE Scuba Diver , your choice again of Man or Lady and hair color !

A few other Tropical or Nautical designs include a Frog, Snail, Gecko, Alligator or Crocodile, Sea Horse, FLIP FLOP and of course a fun Sailboat  , Again you get to chose your colors !!

 Standard Size Mailboxes ONLY ... 
19 Long x 8 3/4 tall x 6 3/4 wide. 

These are made of wood and a standard size mailbox
They are hand painted with Behr Exterior paint ( several coats)  and have a tough outer coating that will last for years.
We no longer offer International shipping for any of these unique items.

Heron Mailbox 

   Heron Mailbox

$215   plus s/h  
mounting kit included

Egret Mailbox   

Egret Mailbox  

$215   plus s/h
mounting kit included

Flamingo Mailbox  

 Pink Flamingo Mailbox    

$215    plus s/h  mounting kit included


Toucan Mailbox



click to see enlarged

Macaw Mailbox

Macaw Mailbox

Macaw mailbox
Blue and Gold or Scarlet

We also offer a Green Parrot, Hyacinth Macaw and Cockatoo !!!

$200   plus s/h

sea turtle mailbox

Adorable Sea Turtle Mailbox  

  Sea Turtle Mailbox   


  Wall Mount also available


Bright Green Gecko Mailbox

   Gecko Mailbox


Chose your colors for the Gecko Mailboxes ... Wall mount ALSO available

Mermaid Mailbox

Red Head mermaid ... can be custom painted blonde, brunette or with black hair

Mermaid Mailbox 

Can be custom painted different colors

$225     plus s/h

Beloved Florida Manatee Mailbox

manatee mailbox  

Also available as a Wall mount

 Manatee Mailbox $245

Dolphin Mailbox

Available in light blue, light pink or gray  

Dolphin Mailbox  

     $200  plus shipping

alligator mailbox, florida gator mailbox also available

Alligator mailbox

Florida Gator Colors!

  Alligator Mailbox   


Crocodile mailbox

Whimsical Crocodile mailbox


 Sea Horse mailbox . aany color available

Sea Horse Mailbox

Chose the color for your Sea Horse mailbox

$245   plus s/h


Snail Mailbox

 Snail Mailbox 

$200       plus s/h Chose your Colors for the Snail Mailbox

Wall mount too Snail Mailbox ... locking box ... wall mount

Crab Mailbox

 Blue Crab Mailbox
Blue Crab

  Red Crab Mailbox

or Red Crab



Tropical Fish Mailbox

Tropical Fish_Mailbox

Click on the Tropical Fish link to see some of the designs I have created for this mailbox  and the COOL COLOR options available!

Tropical Fish Mailbox  $235   plus s/h

Lobster Mailbox

 Lobster mailbox by Mailboxes and Stuff



Shrimp mailbox

Shrimp mailbox


Novelty Wall Mount Sail Boat Mailbox

Sail boat Mailbox 

 Sail Boat Wall Mount  You can have the Sails painted different colors .. just tell us know what you 2 colors you would like! Type your requests at the end of the order form


Tropical Fish Mailbox

Speckled Tropical Fish mailbox

Click fish to see more

We can paint this mailbox different colors ... just ask

Wall mount version


Scuba Diver Mailbox  by Mailboxes and Stuff

Scuba Diver Steve Mailbox

Our fun Scuba Diver mailbox can be painted with Blonde , Red, Brown or Gray hair! OR order as
a LADY Scuba Diver!

Scuba Diver Mailbox $225

Post mount Sailboat

post mount sail boat mailbox

Post mount Sail Boat mailbox
We can paint the sails 2 different colors for you. let us know your color choice in the special request text box at the end of the order form


All mailbox designs featured on this website are the copyrighted property of Mailboxes and Stuff, LLC or its owners. Any manufacture or sale of any product that is substantially similar to any of these designs, including any use of the photographs thereof, may be subject to legal action under the copyright laws of the United States, international and intellectual property treaties, and other laws.

All of our Hand made Animal Mailboxes take between 8 - 12 weeks and depends on the numbers of orders we currently have. We do not offer refunds for any of our Hand made Custom Mailboxes or Personalized items. If your mailbox/purchase is damaged in during delivery , you must contact us (call) immediately so we can take the proper action with Fed Ex or UPS.