Unique Novelty Animal Mailboxes

We put the "FUN" in the word "FUNctional"

Dog Shaped Mailboxes, Cat Mailboxes, Farm Animals, Wild, Sea Life and Tropical Animal Mailboxes, Fishing lure mailboxes, even  Garden Critter Mailboxes and more.
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All good things must come to an end . Us old folks here at Mailboxes and stuff are calling it quits.

We won’t be taking anymore orders for my mailboxes. No worries .. We are finishing up the  orders we currently have .

Thank you so much to all of the people who have made my business thrive for the past 30 years. If anyone is interested ,  we will  be selling my patterns for the mailboxes so if you're interested in a fun do-it-yourself project, browse the mailboxes we had to offer.

Send me an e-mail and tell me what pattern you would like and I can get made one up for you

Dog Mailboxes shaped like your favorite Breed of Dog.
Many of our Unique hand made Dog Mailboxes can be Custom
Border Collie Mailbox

Dog Mailboxes

Tri Color Sheltie Mailbox

 Many people asked us if we could create a mailbox featuring TWO different breeds, so we did !! Completely
Goldendoodle head on black mailbox

Dogs ON Mailboxes

So Unique! Only available here  !!! Includes house number and paw prints

 OUR Dog mailboxes will not be found on any other websites !
Graphic Silhouette Dog Breeds Personalization available
Post Mount and Wall Mount mailboxes LOTS of Breeds available

Graphic Silhouette Basset Mailbox

Graphic Silhouette Dog Mailboxes

Bichon Graphic Silhouette white mailbox post

Cat Mailboxes~ complete with Whiskers !!LOTS of different
styles/breeds to chose from such as Short hair, Long hair, Siamese, Coon Cats, Persian etc
Cat Mailboxes

Edgley Cat Mailbox

Whimsical Garden Critter
Mailboxes . Gecko, Frog, Ladybug, and MORE.

Garden Critter Mailbox Collection

Ladybug Mailbox
Mailboxes and Stuff is the HOME of the Original SNAIL

 We have Farm Animals .. all your favorites made into unique mailboxes.

Colorful Rooster Mailbox

Farm Animal Mailboxes

 Tropical and Sea Life Mailboxes

Sarasota Speckled Tropical Fish mailbox
Mermaid  Mailbox,
Beautiful Tropical Fishes, Crabs, Sea Turtle,  Gecko , Dolphin mailbox andmore !
Adorable Show Poodle Mailbox .... can be painted Pink, White, Black, Apricot, Brown or Gray!

Unique Wall Mount Mailboxes in many Animal Shapes .. more added as requested!

Wall / House Mounted Mailboxes

Dogs, Cats, Fish, Sea Animals and MORE
Howling Wolf Wall mount mailbox
Deer mailbox  , Buck mailbox
Lions, tigers and bears OH MY! Bring out your Wild Side with one of our unique fun Wild Animal Mailboxes

The "Wild Side Animal" Mailboxes


Beautiful Dog Head Door Knockers
Golden Retriever door knocker on red door

Stunningly Beautiful Detail!
Top 14 Dog Breeds to Chose from and  a
Dog Head Door Knockers

Adorable PAW PRINT Doorbell
Golden Retriever Planter Box

Whimsical Dog Planter Boxes

Hanging or Free Standing

Black Lab Planter Box

Fishing Anyone ?

TigerLure Mailbox

Fishing Lure Mailboxes

Green Shad Fishing lure mailbox

Gorgeous Nautical Theme Door Knockers
and coordinating Door Bells

lobster door knocker

Nautical and Garden Theme Door Knockers

Bring the Beach right to your Door

Animal Weathervanes

for your roof top or garden
 Dogs, Cat, Tropical and Farm Animals!

Large selection of Dog Breeds ..
If you don't see your breed , just ask us Boston terrier weather vane



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