Pot People ... Unique Ceramic Garden Pot People Planters

 Ceramic Pot People , Fun and  Functional Home Accent and Garden Decor

We LOVE FUN Functional Art at Mailboxes and Stuff so we just HAD to Share our latest find with you ...


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Pot People are generally IN STOCK but occasionally sell out ... Please allow a 2 to 4 weeks  for your order to be processed and shipped,  in the event it is not in stock .

   Pot People ...

Pot People .. Winking Pot Person

WARNING ... Pot People are likely to cause SMILES!

Absolutely Adorable .... Hand crafted and hand painted in the USA!!!!

Get more than one Ceramic Pot Person to create an entire family!!

 There are LOTS of different Pot People to chose from ranging from Large to Little! You are sure to find one or two that are sure to put a smile on your face.
Suitable to use as a Unique Vase or for a Potted Plant. Great Gift idea for Gardeners ... Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor use ... on a Patio or Porch ... in a Sun room or out in the Garden ... arrange in a Group or as a Family of Pot People. They are sure to receive a Warm Welcome!

If you want to order more than ONE ,,, PLEASE CALL ME to place your order .. quite often we can pack more than one in a box to SAVE you s/h costs! We try to keep the s/h as low as possible but due to the fact they are ceramic , they must be packaged extremely well to avoid breakage !

Shipping will be added at check out





Grandpa Pot Person
10.75" tall, 7.9" wide at top, 8.0' wide at base
Grandma Pot Person

 $72 plus s/h

Sally La Pot
11" tall, 7.75" wide at top, 9.9" wide at base

Sally Pot Person

  $72 plus s/h


Sammy El Pot -- 13.5" tall, 7.5" wide at top, 9.0" wide at base

Sammy The Pot Person

  $78 plus s/h


Winking Man Pot Person 

13.0" tall, 10.1" wide at top, 9.5" wide at base
Winking Man Pot Person

  $78 plus s/h


Kissy Face Pot 

10.5" tall, 7.75" wide at top, 7.9" wide at base

Kissy Face Pot Person

   $70 plus s/h


Happy Face Pot People 

7.75" tall, 5.5" wide at top, 6.5" wide at base

Happy Face Pot People

  $55 plus s/h


George Pot Person
7.75" tall, 5.5" wide at top, 6.5" wide at base

George The Pot Man

   $58 plus s/h


Penelope Pot
8.75" tall, 5.9" wide at top, 6.25" wide at base

Penelope Pot People

  $58 plus s/h


Goofy Pot Person
7.75" tall, 5.5" wide at top, 6.25" wide at base

Goofy Pot Person

  $58 plus s/h


Ol Blue Eyes Pot Person
7.7" tall, 5.5' wide at top, 6.25" wide at base

Ol Blue Eyes Pot Person

    $58 plus s/h

Grandma Pot Person
4.9" tall, 3.75" wide at top, 4.6" wide at base

  $40 plus s/h

Small Fry Pot Person
4.25" tall, 2.6" wide at top, 3.0" wide at base

  $25 plus s/h


Small Shot 4.0 Tall
Tiny Shot Pot
Tiny Shot Pot  3.5 tall
           Short Guy 4.25 tall

Trio $45 of Pot People   plus s/h

(Shipping is added at check out)

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