Dog Shaped Mailboxes ~ HAND PAINTED mail boxes shaped Like Dogs 

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Specific Breed Dog Mailboxes ~ Breeds C - G  

Custom made Hand Painted Dog Mailboxes unlike any others! Currently offering over 60 "Specific Breed" Dog Mailboxes 

 MANY of our Original Design Hand Made Dog Mailboxes can be CUSTOM PAINTED like your DOG .... Send us a picture via Email or Snail mail!  [email protected]


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Dog Mailboxes   

Dogs Currently

American Eskimo

Airedale Terrier

American Water Spaniel

Australian Shepherd

Basset Hound


Bearded Collie

Bernese Mt Dog

Bichon Frise

Blue Heeler

Border Collie

Border Terrier


Boston Terrier

Brittany Spaniel

Brussels Griffon


Bull Terrier

Cavalier King Charles

Cairn Terrier

Chinese Crested

Chihuahua (long coat)

Chow Chow

Clumber Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel






Doberman Pinscher

Dandy Dinmont

English Mastiff

English Setter

French Bulldog

German Shepherd


Golden Retriever

Great Dane


Great White Pyrenese 


Jack Russell Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier

Labrador Retriever

Lhasa Apso




Norwegian Elkhound

Old English Sheepdog


Pit Bull

Portuguese Water Dog



Sport Clip Poodle

Show Clip Poodle

Saint Bernard



Scottish Terrier

Shetland Sheepdog

Shar Pei

Shih Tzu

Siberian Husky

Springer Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel 


West Highland 

Wheaten Terrier


Wire Hair Fox Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier


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Dog Breed Graphic Silhouette Mailboxes

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 Not just specific breeds ... GOT MUTT??? NO problem ! 
        Steve The Mutt Dog Mailbox


Send me a picture of your Dog and I can create a Mailbox for you ! Email for more info

DON'T SEE YOUR BREED Just ask .. we ad new Dog Breeds as requested




Our Unique Dog Mailboxes will NOT be found on any other website! 

Our custom made novelty Dog mailboxes are all Hand made and Hand Painted by husband and wife team, Susan and Bill Harrison who pride them selves in their HIGH QUALITY workmanship!!! 

Lots of folks have TRIED to copy our Dog Mailboxes  ... but NO ONE duplicates our craftsmanship and artistry!

Standard Size Mailboxes ONLY  19 Long  x 8 3/4 tall x 6 3/4 wide

These are made of wood attached to a standard rural size solid steel mailbox.  

Need a Gift NOW ? We can still send a Gift Announcement Cards letting them know that a custom hand made mailbox is being created especially for them. It's the gift that gives twice once when they open the card and again when it arrives. Much easier to wrap, too!

Also ,, if you would like your last name or house number added ,, please select that option on the order form

We can include a mounting kit for you if you wish .. 
( select to ad it on order form ) or you can purchase your own. We strongly recommend using a pressure treated 4 x 4 as your post.. the mounting board is specially cut and fitted to work with these custom mailboxes and is easily attached to the top of the 4 x 4. Instructions included. Sometimes folks want to do it their own way or want to install the mailboxes on different style posts ,, so that is up to you

The current backlog on these mailboxes is up to 12 weeks

Cavalier King CharlesCavalier King Charles Mailbox dog mailbox
Cavalier King Charles

 $200  Add to Cart  
Custom Painting available for the Cavalier King Charles Mailbox

Chinese Crested Dog Hairless

Chinese Crested Dog Mailbox

 Chinese Crested Dog

$200 Add to Cart

 $200 Add to Cart 

Longhaired and short Chihuahua Mailboxes

Chow Chow

  Chow Chow Mailbox

 $200 Add to Cart

Chow Mailbox Available Black also

Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniel Mailbox ... can be custom painted. Dog mailbox

 Clumber Spaniel Mailbox

$200  Add to Cart Custom Painting available for the Cumber Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Mailbox

Buff Cocker Spaniel Mailbox Black and White Cocker Spaniel Mailbox

$200 Add to Cart

Cocker Spaniel Mailbox 

Also available Solid Black or White and Black
Wall Mount Also Available


Cockapoo mailbox dog mailbox


$200  Add to Cart

Corgi Mailbox

Corgi Mailbox dog mailbox  

Corgi Mailbox

$200 Add to Cart

custom painting available

Collie Mailbox

Hand painted Collie Mailbox ... GREAT gift idea for Collie Lovers. Dog mailbox 

Collie Mailbox 

$200 Add to Cart
Custom Painting available ~ BEAUTIFUL Tri - Color available or Lassie Style

Doxie Mailboxes

dog mailboxes, Dachshund mailbox  Dachshund Mailbox

Dachshund Mailbox 

$200 Add to Cart

 Long Coat also available (click link)

Dalmatian Mailbox

Custom painted Dalmatian mailbox

$200 Add to Cart

Dandie Dinmont Mailbox

Dandie Dinmont Mailbox ... unique Dog Mailboxes

Dandy Dinmont 

$200  Add to Cart

Doberman Mailbox

Doberman Pincher mailbox  
Doberman mailbox

$200 Add to Cart


English Setter /Irish Setter

Beautiful English Setter Mailbox, can be custom painted like your dog!  

  English Setter Mailbox

$200 Add to Cart  

(Irish Setter painting option also)

English Mastiff

English Mastiff Mailbox 

 English Mastiff Mailbox  

$200  Add to Cart custom painting available

French Bulldog

$200 Add to Cart  

 custom painting available

German Shepherd Dog

 German Shepherd Mailbox

German Shepherd

 $200  Add to Cart


Goldendoodle Mailbox

Goldendoodle Mailbox Novelty Mailbox copyright Mailboxes and Stuff


  $200  Add to Cart

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever mailbox

Golden Retriever  

$200  Add to Cart

Great Dane

Great Dane Mailbox "Hemi"

Great Dane   

 Add to Cart  $200 custom painting available

Greyhound Mailbox

  Greyhound Mailbox

 $200 Add to Cart

Greyhound Mailbox custom painting available

Great White Pyrenees

Great White Pyrenees mailbox 

 $200 Add to Cart

 Great White Pyrenees

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Dog Head Mailboxes

dog head mailbox

Our Newest Novelty Mailbox
We specialize in our Dog Breed mailboxes
and lots of folks have asked if we can create 2 different breeds on ONE box .. now we can !


Our Dog "Post mounted" mailboxes can be made as wall mount mailboxes  ... just ask us! We are adding Wall Mount Dog Mailboxes as they are requested  

 Wall mount Mailboxes

Prices shown do not include shipping ... Shipping is calculated in REAL time by UPS based on your zip code. All of our Dog mailboxes are custom handmade and hand painted after they are ordered . We DO NOT have any in stock. We work on our orders every day of the week and get them out just as fast as we can. Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks