Maine Coon Cat Mailbox
Cat Mailboxes complete with whiskers ~ Can be custom painted like YOUR CAT! Siamese cat, Coon Cat, Persian Cat mailbox, Bengal Cat mailbox and more


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 Saint Petersburg, FL

Business hours 10 - 6  (EST)


(727) 214-2445


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The Cat Mailboxes take approx. 8  weeks from date of order


PRICES do not include shipping ... Shipping will be calculated at check out based on your zip code in "Real" Time by FedEx


Mailboxes and Stuff

 Saint Petersburg, FL

Business hours 10 - 6  (EST) 


(727) 214-2445


Maine Coon Cat Mailbox

One of our Most POPULAR Cat Mailboxes
We offer a few different Custom painting options for the Maine Coon Cat Mailbox

You can order
the Coon Cat Mailbox with any of the painting options shown or like one of the other cats I feature on this website. Check out the Short hair or fluffy cats mailboxes for different painting options

Just specify which one you want in the SPECIAL REQUEST text box on the order form if the option s not listed already on the order form or EMAIL ME with your selection!
CALL ME 727 214 2445

Please note : Since these mailboxes are ALL hand painted .. they will be SIMILAR to the images shown but obviously NEVER EXACT! It makes YOUR mailbox totally unique!


We can include a mounting kit for you if you wish ..
( select to ad it on order form ) or you can purchase your own. We strongly recommend using a pressure treated 4 x 4 as your post.. the mounting board is specially cut and fitted to work with this custom mailbox and is easily attached to the top of the 4 x 4. Instructions included. Sometimes folks want to do it their own way or want to install the mailboxes on different style posts ,, so that is up to you

Black and Brown (Striped tail)

Black and Brown Coon Cat mailbox
Black and Brown ( solid dark tail )

Maine Coon Cat mailbox Silver marble Maine Coon cat mailbox
Silver Marble Coon Cat
The base is white with light grey and black (green or amber eyes)
Black and White Coon Cat mailbox
Black and White Coon Cat #1
Base is white with black accenting with DARK TAIL ...NO GRAY
Black and White Option #2
Black and White Coon Cat Mailbox #2
Base is white with only black accenting and light tail

white and black Maine Coon Cat Mailbox
White and Black w/ touch of light gray #3

Tawny Coon Cat Mailbox
Tawny Maine Coon Cat Mailbox
Base is khaki ( tan) with black and white accents

Red Maine Coon Cat marble

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All of our Hand made Animal Mailboxes and Vehicle Mailboxes take between 2 to 8 weeks due to the amount of orders we currently have. We do not offer refunds for any of our Hand made Custom Mailboxes or Personalized items. If your mailbox/purchase is damaged in during delivery , you must contact us (call) immediately so we can take the proper action with Fed Ex or UPS. Your mailbox will be picked up and a new one will be made for you. If you do not report the damage IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the package, this warranty is void