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All about the Smiley Happy Face Mail Dudes:

Body is constructed of the highest quality galvanized lightweight steel holding a galvanized steel mailbox! The galvanizing process is used because it is corrosion resistant. The galvanizing is applied to both the interior and exterior of the tubing. 

We do not powder coat because refinishing or touch up are very difficult and require a professional.   Our coating process uses an industrial outside construction grade enamel paint with a primer base coat . This process allows you to touch up  any areas that may become damaged over time and gives you the flexibility of repainting any color you wish at  any time.

The Happy Mailman Mail Dude stands approx 5"6 from his feet to the top of his head
, With his arm and hand waving he is even taller.  You will notice minor differences in our Smiley Face Mail men images >>> ... so if there is one you  particularly like , let us know and we can make your order similar.
These are made to be assembled with two bolts at the waist of the stickman and three more screws to finish the mailbox attachment. We provide all bolts, washes, screws, and nuts. A simple instructional sheet will be provide for assembly . We also provide instruction on installation on the ground ,concrete, etc.

The materials we use are of the highest grade available. Galvanized tubing and structural grade steel . The galvanizing process is used because it is corrosion resistant , the galvanizing has been applied on the out side and inside the tubing. We do not powder coat because refinishing is very difficult. Powder coating over time can peel off the surface it is applied to and when you need to refinish it or repair it , it can only be done by a professional . 
Our goal is to produce a product that is of the highest quality and is home owner maintenance friendly.


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If your mail carrier isn't already a HAPPY guy ,
he will be upon seeing 
 The Happy Mailman ~ Smiley Face Mailbox Tube Dude!!
 A True Delight!!! Unique, Happy Mailman tube dude sculpture holding a mailbox (or two)  in your choice of colors!

Fun and Functional Strikes again here at Mailboxes and Stuff!
Guaranteed to cause Smiles

Regular Standard size mailbox OR Large Rural Mailbox available


The Happy Mailman
Smiley Face Mailbox Tube Dude

Happy Face Mailbox Man dark blue

 smiley face mailbox man, happy mailman mailbox man orange Smiley Face Happy Mailbox Man , Steel Tube dude sculpture red Purple Smiley mailbox Dude with lime green mailbox purple

Large BOX ..

 Happy Face Mailman : 30" wide X 5'6" tall approx.
Mailbox sizes : Standard
19 Long  x 8 3/4 tall  x 6 3/4 wide
Large: approx. 11 tall , 9 wide, 23 long


Make your Happy Face Mailman color choice and mailbox choice and size on the order form

Your choice of colors for the Happy Mail Man ... Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Bright Lime Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, White or Black

 with either a matching mailbox or contrasting color mailbox
 ( same colors as above ) 

NEW Now available Holding TWO Mailboxes !!! new

 Happy Face Mail dude , double mailboxes dark green


HI and AK MUST call me for additional shipping costs as this item cannot be shipped going ground to those states

Similar designs sell elsewhere
 for between $1500 - $1800

When you receive your Stickman mailbox, it will be in a corrugated box ready for assembly. All written instruction for assembly and hardware you will need is provided by us, nuts, washers , bolts , screws. You will have also written recommended installation. We provide two anchor bolts, nuts and washers that are used to mount Stickman's feet to a concrete pad
 ( concrete not supplied ) 

Ships in 2 pieces and is easily assembled. Comes with assembly/mounting directions and all the necessary bolts, nuts and washers

The Happy Face Mail Dude is produced here in the USA by experienced artisans that includes a team of tradesmen with the following expertise: art design, engineering, tool making, machining, steel fabricating, painting, welding as well as support personnel. Our welding is done by a certified welding specialist. We take pride in our product and stand by our workmanship and material.

Small Happy Face Smiley Mail box DUDE small size Haqppy Face Mailbox dude

Little Happy Mail Dude

$425 plus s/h 

So many people LOVED our Full Size Smiley Mail Dude but wanted a smaller version 
Smiley Face Mail Stick Dude sitting on a mailbox
20" wide X 24" Tall approx

Our Smiley Face Mini Dude comes holding a plaque ( sign) that you can attach your house numbers to or you last name ... OR whatever you want !

As with the full size Smiley Face Mail Dude , you can order the Little Dude in whatever color you would like .. purple, green, blue, red, orange, white, black , pink, yellow ... and select the color you want for your mailbox !



Happy Sign Stick Dude or Dudette !!
Need an innovative way to advertise your business or sales event ? These Happy Sign Holding Stick People will do a Great Job for you and make people smile at the same time! What is even better, they NEVER get tired of holding up your sign!!

(sign not included)

Happy Sign Holding Stick People ( boy/girl stand approx 4 feet tall)
Man or Lady (Full size stand approx 5 1/2 feet tall )

Starting at $825
We offer Metal Steel base for mounting : recommended if you plan on being able to move your Happy Person around .. full instructions along with the hardware.

Fisherman Stick Dude
Mount one on your dock or back of your boat for fun and smiles! He can hold your pole while you grab a beer or fire up the BBQ!

$880  (pole not included)

Stickman metal sculptures that are artistic and functional.
They provide more than a smile on your face; they can hold your mail, light your path, hold your bird bath or feeder, or direct you to a seat inside your favorite restaurant. We can even make a POOL BOY for you who will never tire of holding your towel or drink tray. Got an idea for your very own Stickman creation ??? Give us a call to discuss it !

tube dude , happy mailbox holder, smiley mailman mailbox holder , custom steel sculptures

Talk to us about a design or custom order !

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