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shaped like Animals !
Fun Animal Shaped Fans, dog shaped fan, cat shaped fan, wild animal fans, tropical animal fans


Super Fun and Functional Home Decor! 

Brown Owl Fan

Whooooooooooooo puts the FUN in Functional Home Decor ??

You do with a Unique Animal shaped fan! Offering a truly incredible collection of your Favorite Animals that will keep you COOL!

Dogs, Cats, Wild Animals, Tropical Animals, Sea Life, Farm Animals AND more!!

Fabulous conversation piece .. One of a kind Animal Decor!

Dog and Cat Lovers Delights
All Electric ~ 2 Speed motor fans ~ No assembly required

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cute dog shaped fanDecorative Dapper Doggie Fan

Part of this playful pooch’s appeal is in the details—his soulful eyes, big ole black nose, and floppy hound dog ears. And check out his pearly paws, swirly coat, and eager tongue. Sure, this clever canine’s got character to spare, but don’t let his puppy dog charm fool you—look closer and you’ll see Doggie’s powerful two speed fan waiting to add some cool to your day.
13" tall x 14.5" wide

Kitty Decorative Cat Fan

Looking for a cool Kitty to bring some killer style into your décor and some brazen breeziness into your life? If so, this felicitous feline can’t be beat. From that ginger tabby fur (burnished steel to be precise!) to her inscrutable smile and adorable pearly paws, Kitty will leave her mark in any room of the house. This tabby’s brand of cool is not just attitude—with a powerful two speed fan; she’s fully functional as well
12.5" Tall x 16" Wide


 fan shaped like a hound dog, dog fan

 Hound Dog Fan
Select Size

Small  7" Tall x 6.5" Wide 
Large 17.5" Tall x 8" Wide
  hound dog fan

This dog delights with his detailed design, rich, red “Irish Setter” color, classy studded collar and aristocratic head. This decorative dog fan could easily be taken for a striking steel statue on first glance, until you notice the blades of the powerful two speed fan nestled in his body. No pampered pooch, this is a working dog!


 fan shaped like a cat cat figurine fan, cat decor
Select Size

Chic Cat Figurine Fan
Check out the attitude on our swanky and statuesque Cat fan! This classy kitty exudes just the right amount of cool, assisted by a two speed fan that really brings on the breeze. Our decorative cat fan makes just the right impression with her bemused expression, whimsical whiskers, pearly paws and pert tail. The burnished silver steel gives her a sleek, chic vibe, just purrr-fect for any room where you want to add a touch of feline home décor.
Small  7" Tall x 6.5" Wide 


cute small dog shaped fan
Lil Country Dog Fan

11.5" Tall x 12.5" Wide
 kitty shaped fan whimsical cat decor
Lil Country Cat Fan

11.5" Tall x 12.5" Wide



Snowy Owl (or Brown)
 13” Tall x 8.25” Wide

Hummingbird Fan
11" Tall x 8" Wide

Rooster Fan
 20” Tall x 17.5” Wide
Colorful Country Rooster Fan
Country Rooster Fan
22" Tall x 15" Wide

Macaw Fan
 32” Tall x 9” Wide

Flamingo Fan
 19.25” Tall x 8.5” Wide

Large Peacock Fan
22" Tall x 12" Wide

Pelican Fan
16.5” Tall x 10.5” Wide

Beach Theme , Sea Life and More Shaped Fans

Pineapple Fan
Welcome Pineapple Fan
16" Tall x 10" Wide

Alligator Fan
14” Tall x 11” Wide

Tropical Fish Fan
 15” Tall x 12.5” Wide
Sea Turtles Fan

Sea Turtles Fan

 9” Tall x 15” Wide

Blue Crab Fan
 9.25” Tall x 13.5” Wide

Frog Fan
 15” Tall x 14.5” Wide
White Seahorse fan
Seahorse Figurine Fan
Mermaid shell Fan

Mermaid Shell Fan

Surfer Dude Van Fan
Surfer Dude Van Fan
Sailboat Fan
Sail boat Fan
Red Woody Car Fan
Red Woody Car Fan

Woody Van Fan
Woody Car Fan


Wildlife Fans

Mallard Fan
14.5 Tall x 16 Wide
fan shaped like a deer, Buck fan
Deer Fan

 17” Tall x 17” Wide

fan shaped like a horse
Horse Fan
 18” Tall x 19” Wide

African Elephant Fan
Bengal tiger fan
Bengal Tiger Fan

16" Tall x 11" Wide

Grizzley Bear Fan
Black Bear Fan
10.5" Tall x 19.5" Wide

fan shaped like a zebra
Zebra Fan

17" tall x 19.5" wide

Fox Fan

13 Tall x 10" Wide

Giraffe Fan
Giraffe Fan
20" tall x 12" wide
fan shaped like a moose
Moose Fan
 20” Tall x 15” Wide
Lion fan , fan in the shape of a lion
Lion Fan
13" tall x 20" wide

Raccoon Fan
9.5" Tall x 14" Wide

gecko fan
Gecko Fan
 9.5” Tall x 7.5” Wide

And a Few More Decorative Fun Fans

 23.25" Tall x 12.25" Wide
Mosaic Glass PIneaple table fan
Mosaic Glass Pineapple Table fan

 All of the Animal Fans have a full one year warranty against manufacture defects. if your fan stops working, it will be replaced ,,, just keep your receipt! We pride ourselves in excellent customer service

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