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Beagle door knocker on red door

Maltese Door knocker on red door

Cat door knocker on red door




Dog head door knockers . bronze door knockers dog breeds. dog head brass door knockers, michael healy dog knockers

Bronze Patina Hand Sculpted ... absolutely exquisite

Shih Tzu Door Knocker

Brass Dog Head Sculptured Door Knockers and Door Bells

Oiled Bronze and/or Solid Brass Finish

Beautiful designed Dog Head Door Knockers in solid brass! Many Dog breeds to chose from. Also offering Paw Print Door Bells, also solid brass available in a lovely bronze or polished brass patina

  Beautifully detailed and impeccably finished! Truly a FAVORITE decor accent for Dog Lovers.

And for our fellow Cat Lovers , Also offering a KITTY Face

Compliment your Dog Knocker with a Unique and FUN Dog Paw Door Bells

USA only . NO International Shipping

Made in the USA  Mounting screws included  

Click the pictures below to see enlarged details and sizes

Click the order button to place your order. Make your breed selection from the drop down menu on the order form

Prices and finishes vary ,,, See order form for options
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Cat head door knocker
 Cat Door Knocker
Oiled Bronze $90 (shown)
Solid Bronze $150
 6H x 4W 3.25 D

Labrador Door Knocker Bronze

Labrador Door Knocker
 (Oiled Bronze) $90
4.25H x 5.5W x 3.5D

 Yorkshire Terrier door knocker
Yorkshire Terrier
Door Knocker

Solid Bronze $150
5.5H x 3.75W x 2.75D

 Boxer dog  door knocker
Boxer Knocker
Oiled Bronze $90
Solid Bronze  $150
5.75H x 3.75W x 4D

Golden Retriever Door knocker
Golden Retriever Knocker
Oiled Bronze $90
4.25H x 5.5W x 3.5D

German Shepherd Door Knocker
German Shepherd Knocker
Oiled Bronze $90

5.75H x 4W x 33.75D

Shih Tzu Door Knocker
Shih Tzu Knocker
Solid Bronze $150
5.5H x 4W x 2.75D
Dachshund Door Knocker
Dachshund Knocker
Oiled Bronze $90
4H x 5.25W x 4.25D

Poodle Door Knocker
Poodle Knocker
Oiled Bronze $90 (shown)
Solid Bronze $150
5.5H x 4W x 3.5D

Pug Door Knocker Oiled Bronze
Pug Knocker
Oiled Bronze $90
4 H x 5.25W x 3.75D

Chihuahua Door Knocker oiled bronze
Chihuahua Knocker
Solid Bronze $150

4.75H x 4.75W x 4D

Schnauzer Door Knocker
Schnauzer Knocker
Oiled Bronze $90 (shown)
Solid Bronze $150
5.75H x 2.75W x 4.75D

Pomeranian Door knocker
Pomeranian Door Knocker
Solid Bronze $150
5.5H x 4.5W x 3.5D

Maltese Door Knocker
Maltese Knocker
Solid Bronze $150
5.5H x 4W x 2.75D

Bulldog Door Knocker Bronze
Bulldog Door Knocker
Oiled Bronze $90
4.5H x 5W x 4D

Click the order button to place your order. Make your breed selection from the drop down menu on the order form

  All Breeds start at $90 


Compliment your Brass Door Knocker With one of these adorable


Polished Brass and Black
 To give advance notice that you are about to be greeted by a furry friend ...
Backlit Lighted Button Handcrafted  Mounting screws included

2.25"H x 2.5"W x 1"D

S/H has BEEN INCLUDED in the price for this item

Oiled Bronze
 and Black

What could be cuter than a Door bell shaped like a Dog Paw ?

Installation Instructions Door Knocker: Your door knocker was designed for easy mounting. Mounting screws are included with your doorknocker. These screws work well with either a wood or metal door. To attach your door knocker, hold it in the desired position on your door and mark hole locations with a pencil. Drill guide holes using 1/8" drill bit. Screws accept a Phillips head screwdriver. On some door knockers the mounting bracket must be removed and screwed to the door and then the knocker reattached to the bracket.
 Doorbell Ringer: To replace an existing doorbell, first turn off power to the doorbell and remove it to expose two thin wires. Screw backing plate to doorjamb with the wires coming through the large button hole of the plate. Attach one wire to each terminal on the button and push button into the backing plate. Attach the Doorbell Ringer to the backing plate using supplied hardware and return power to the doorbell. It's that simple!

Questions ?

Will my Door Knocker tarnish or have to be regularly polished?

Your Door Knocker has been coated with a baked catalyzed polyurethane, similar to the clear top coat on an automobile. Occasionally washing your Door Knocker using a sponge with water and a mild soap will help to maintain its vibrant shine. Coating your Door Knocker with a paste wax will also greatly extend the life of the finish. Do not use a brass cleaner or an abrasive pad; this will damage the clear coating and the original polished finish.

Will I have to drill through my entire door to install my Door Knocker?

No. Each Door Knocker comes with two machine screws that are designed for surface mounting on both metal and wood doors. The only two exceptions are the Nantucket Basket and the Doctor Door Knockers. The mounting of these designs requires that two holes be drilled completely through the door.

Shipping included on these item is for ground shipping on USA orders ONLY

Looking for Nautical, Sea Life or Garden Critter Door Knockers and Bells ??

Click on the Lobster



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