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Hand painted Cat Mailboxes

Adorable Cat Mailboxes: offering a short hair cat mailbox, fluffy cat mailbox,  Bengal cat mailbox,  Siamese cat mailbox and Persian Cat Mailbox

Unique Novelty Cat Mailboxes � that can be custom Hand-painted like your cat!

So much more than JUST a mailbox... TRULY a PIECE of ART!

 Standard Short hair Cat Mailbox ~ Fluffy Cat mailbox ~ Bengal Cat Mailbox ~ Siamese Cat Mailbox~ Persian Cat Mailbox ~ Himalayan Cat mailbox ~ Russian Blue ~ Maine Coon CAT Mailbox ~Munchkin Mailbox ~ and TWO WALL MOUNT Cat MAILBOXES

My adorable Cat Mailboxes are sure to please any Cat Fancier.  Surprise someone you love with a Unique Custom Painted Cat Mailbox. They make great gifts!

All the Short-hair and Fluffy Cat Mailboxes shown were painted for customers to look like their kitty's ... You can send me a picture of your cat via email or snail mail and I can Custom Paint a Cat Mailbox to look like your kitty!  OR ... If you would like to order a mailbox painted like one on my website,  use the "Special Request" box at the end of the order form to type the name of the kitty mailbox you would like to have your mailbox painted similar too. Note: the cat mailboxes are all custom hand painted . No two will ever be exactly alike. The eyes will be painted green unless you specify that you want a different color. Use the Special request box at the end of the ordering form to tell me if you want a color other than green

Our custom novelty ORIGINAL CAT mailboxes are all Hand made and Hand Painted by husband and wife team, Susan and Bill Harrison who pride themselves in their HIGH QUALITY workmanship!!!


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Mailbox Info Your Questions Answered

The Cat Mailboxes cannot be shipped internationally


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The Cat Mailboxes are backlogged a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks due to the number of orders we currently have

You can request ANY of the painted designs shown on both the Fluffy and Short Hair Mailbox pages for the Persian , Short or Fluffy Kitty mailboxes


Also ,, if you would like your last name and or house number added ,, please select that option on the order form

We can include a mounting kit for you if you wish .. 
( select to ad it on order form ) or you can purchase your own. We strongly recommend using a pressure treated 4 x 4 as your post.. the mounting board is specially cut and fitted to work with this custom mailbox and is easily attached to the top of the 4 x 4. Instructions included. Sometimes folks want to do it their own way or want to install the mailboxes on different style posts ,, so that is up to you




Our Unique Cat Mailboxes will NOT be found on any other website ... EXCLUSIVELY MAILBOXES and STUFF!

Complete with WHISKERS!!! 

Post Mount Standard Size Mailbox ... 19 Long  x 8 3/4 tall  x 6 3/4 wide

These are made of SOLID exterior grade pine wood attached to a standard rural size solid steel mailbox . 
They are hand painted, have a tough outer coating that will last for years.

Need a Gift NOW ? We can still send a Gift Announcement Cards letting them know that a custom hand made mailbox is being created especially for them. It's the gift that gives twice � once when they open the card and again when it arrives. Much easier to wrap, too!

 Wall Mount mailbox measures   6 3/8"H x 15 1/2"W x 3 1/8"D

The CAT mailboxes can be ordered as LOCKING MAILBOXES for added mail security ( not the wall mounted ones)
We no longer offer International shipping for any of these unique items.

 Fluffy Cat Wall Mount Mailbox �


 Fluffy Cat Wall mount mailbox ... available in a variety of painting options  fluffy cat wall munt mailbox

The Fluffy Cat Wall mount Mailbox can be painted a variety of color options .

Check out the Kitty mailboxes I have painted and chose from one of them or send me a picture of your cat and I can CUSTOM paint one for youTuxedo Fluffy Cat Wall mount

Short Hair Cat Wall Mount



The Short Hair cat mailbox can be painted like any of the post mount mailboxes on the website or we can custom paint one for you 

Grey Tabby 

Short Hair Cat Mailboxes �


"Blanca"  Blanca Kitty Mailbox  

click on Blanca image to see more Short Hair Cat Mailboxes pictures

Fluffy Cat Mailboxes 


"Tuxedo Cat"

Tuxedo cat mailbox  fluffy 
click photo to see more Fluffy Cat Mailboxes pictures

  Russian Blue cat mailbox

Russian Blue Kitty Mailbox



BENGAL Cat Mailbox �


     Bengal Cat Mailbox

 click image to see enlarged

Maine Coon Cat 

click for more painting options

   Silver Coon Cat Mailbox Silver Marble


Maine Coon Cat Mailbox available in several different painting options Click the link to see more



Munchkin Kitty Mailbox�



Please tell me in the text box (order form) or send an email telling me how you would like yours painted


Siamese Cat Mailbox


Siamese Cat Mailbox 

  Siamese Cat Mailbox

Click image to see enlarged
/ painting options

Himalayan Cat Mailbox�

Himalayan Cat mailbox Guizmo 
Lilac Point Himalayan Mailbox 

 Click images to see enlarged 
Painting options available

 Persian Cat Mailbox �


 Persian Cat Mailbox 

Click image to see more painting options available

Abyssinian Cat Mailbox�

 Abyssinian Cat Mailbox
 Abyssinian Cat Mailbox "Model"

Betcha can't even tell which one is the mailbox eh? !
 Bombay Cat

Bombay Cat Mailbox

$200 ( solid color)
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 Savannah Cat Mailbox
savanah cat mailbox
$225 (no custom painting on this mailbox)
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NO International Shipping on the Cat Mailboxes

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