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Australian Shepherd Mailbox .. More than just a mailbox,,,, truly a Piece of Art!

Australian Shepherd mailbox, dog mailbox shaped and painted like an Australian Shepherd, dog mailboxes

  $200  painted as shown     

This beautiful novelty Australian Shepherd mailbox would look great in front of your home or business. Whether you own an Australian Shepherd or are a breeder, you shouldn't be without one.  My mailboxes are a terrific way to advertise your kennel or breeding facility! Surprise someone you love with a unique Aussie mailbox. They make great gifts! We pride ourselves in our high quality work.

Also ,, if you would like your last name or house number added ,, please select that option on the order form

We can include a mounting board for you if you wish ..
( select to ad it on order form ) or you can purchase your own. We strongly recommend using a pressure treated 4 x 4 as your post.. the mounting board is specially cut and fitted to  work with this custom mailbox and is easily attached to the top of the 4 x 4. Instructions included. Sometimes folks want to do it their own way or want to install the mailboxes on different style posts ,, so that is up to you

  *If you want to send me a picture of your Aussie so I can custom paint your mailbox like your dog 

Custom Painted Australian Shepherd Mailbox prices vary depending on paint option selected. The Merles are usually quite complicated and time consuming. You can send me a picture if you wish and I will paint it like yours or you can order a Merle and let me do the designing coloring ... make your selection from the drop down on the order form

Custom painted Merle Australian Shepherd Mailbox

A few of the custom ones I have done

   custom painted Australian Shepherd mailbox  custom painted merle Australian Shepherd mailbox custom painted Aussie shepherd mailbox custom painted Australian Shepherd mailbox

I have to charge more for the Blue Merles as they are always so detailed and quite time consuming. Make your selection from the drop down menu on the order form

Our custom made ORIGINAL DESIGN novelty Dog mailboxes are all Hand made and Hand Painted.  We take pride in our HIGH QUALITY craftsmanship!!! We do NOT offer our mailboxes on ANY other websites so if you see it elsewhere .. BEWARE ... it will not be an original Mailboxes and Stuff work of art!

Mailboxes and Stuff, LLC.    

Business hours 10 - 6  (EST)  M-F  (727) 214-2445

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