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Welcome, Browse our Unique Collection of NOVELTY Mailboxes

Specializing in Novelty Animal Mailboxes: Dog mailboxes, Cat Mailboxes, Tropical Bird and Sea Life mailboxes, Farm Animal Mailboxes, Woodendipity mailboxes and Theme Home and Garden Accents

We put the FUN in "Functional Decor"

Offering a fabulous selection of Custom made ~ Hand painted FUN Novelty "Mailboxes" shaped like Animals, Vehicles, Houses and so much more!

Unique Post Mount Animal Novelty Mailboxes and Animal shaped Wall Mount Mailboxes
Specializing in Dog Mailboxes
~ over 60 different SPECIFIC Breed Dog MAILBOXES from Airedales to Yorkies!
We even custom make MUTTS ( aka Designer Dog Mailboxes) !
Cat Mailboxes
~ Fluffy Cat, Persian Cat Mailbox, Siamese Cat Mailbox, Fabulous Maine Coon Cat Mailbox and more !
Farm Animal Mailboxes
~ Horse Mailbox, Chicken Mailbox, Colorful Rooster Mailboxes and MORE ~
Wild Animal Mailboxes ~ Raccoon mailbox, Giraffe Mailbox,  Lions, Tigers and Bears OH MY !
Tropical Animal and Sea Life Mailboxes ~ Pelican Mailbox, Flamingo, Crab, Tropical Fish, Alligator, Mermaid mailbox and MORE ... even Garden Critter Mailboxes ~ Including the ORIGINAL and Adorable SNAIL MAILBOX

Many of our unique DOG Mailboxes and CAT Mailboxes can be CUSTOM
 Painted like your PET!

You will find the Famous Cedar Woodendipity Style Mailboxes here including the Popular Woodendipity Pelican, Bantam Rooster, Cat and more !

Cars, Trains, Planes, and Truck Mailboxes, Unique Novelty Transportation ~ Vehicles

 Our UNIQUE Mailbox Collection even includes HOUSE Shaped Mailboxes and

Our NEWEST Unique Mailbox is the Smiley face Tube Dude "Happy Face Mailman" Steel Sculpture !
NEW Graphic Silhouette Dog Mailboxes , Shot Gun Shell mailboxes ,,
Copper mailboxes too ! They are all here !

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 to see all the AWESOME Novelty and Unique Mailboxes we offer!

Graphic Silhouette Dog Breeds
Personalized Post Mount and Wall Mount mailboxes
MANY Breeds available !!
Graphic Silhouette Dog Breed Mailboxes

Check out ALL of our UNIQUE Novelty Mailboxes!

Dog Mailboxes, Novelty mailboxes shaped like your favorite Dog ... Dozens of Breeds to chose from. Many of our Unique Dog Mailboxes can be custom painted to look like YOUR Dog! custom painted Beagle Mailbox, artistic mailboxes, dog mailboxes, dog shaped mail boxes, novelty mailboxes

custom painted dog mailbox   Rottweiller Dog Mailbox , just one of the over 100 SPECIFIC BREED DOG Mailboxes, A Dog mailbox is a GREAT DOG THEME GIFT idea for Dog lovers. Custom novelty Rottweiler Mailbox, great gift idea,  Rottweiler mailboxes make great security systems for your home!!!!

OUR DOG mailboxes are NOT ON ANY OTHER SITE!!! Others TRY to copy but no one comes close to our high quality and craftsmanship!

Black and White Maine Coon Cat mailbox
Artistic Cat Shaped mailboxes painted to look like your Cat or chose from dozens of Cat Mailboxes we have custom painted for folks!
Custom painted cat mailboxes, Ginger and Her Mailbox. Let me custom paint a cat mailbox for you like your cat

Several Cat Breeds available ~ Complete with Whiskers! Fluffy or Short Hair, Persian, Maine Coon Cat, Bengal, Munchkin, Siamese mailboxes and more!

Frog, Snail, Gecko's, Ladybug mailboxes and MORE! Too Cute Whimsical Garden Critter mailboxes. We make getting your Snail mail FUN!

 Ladybug mailbox ... adorable Lady Bug theme gift idea

Mailboxes and Stuff is THE Home of the Original Snail Mailbox
 Snail Mailbox Original SNAIL MAIL BOX

Other people have copied MY Mailbox designs but the QUALITY and Craftsmanship DOES NOT even come close !

Farm Animal Mailboxes

Colorful Rooster Mailbox
Rooster Mailboxes, Horses and Horse Mailbox, custom painted to look like your horse,,, This horse mailbox was painted to look like Lori's horse Goats .. all your favorite Farm Animals made into unique mailboxes. Many can be custom painted!

black piggy wall mount mailbox
Wall mount models too !

Tropical and Sea Life

Fun Pink Flamingo .. and more
Flamingo Mailbox pink flamingo mialbox
Fun and Functional Novelty Pink Flamingo, Heron or Egret Mailbox!

 Beautiful FUN and functional Art! Mermaid mailbox can be painted in a variety of color combo's ! Hair and suit can be different colors

Mermaids, Crabs, Sea Turtle, Alligator, Gecko and many more !

  Fresh and Salt Water Fish Designs

Sail Fish, Mahi Mahi, Largemouth Bass and Marlins are just a few of the unique hand painted Fish Mailboxes


Sharks, Koi and Clownfish Mailboxes

Mahi mahi Wall mount mailbox

 Wild Animal's

Giraffe mailbox ... animal mailboxes
 Lions, tigers and bears OH MY! Bring out your Wild Side with one of our unique fun Wild Animal Mailboxes including an Elephant, Panda Bear, Black Bear, Fox and many more

 Howling Coyote Mailbox

Unique Wall Mount

West Highland Terrier Wallmount Mailbox

 Unique Wall Mount Mailboxes in many Animal Shapes ... more added as requested! Dogs, Cats, Fish, Sea Animals and MORE


 Woodendipity Mailboxes 

Woodendipty Pelican mailbox, unique Woodendipity Style mailboxes, Bantam Rooster, Largemouth bass, postal cat and dog mailboxes, Robert Dulong Woodendipity Beautifully hand carved Red Cedar is used to create the Sculptured look of these Woodendipity Style mailboxes. Chose from the popular Pelican Mailbox, Bantam Rooster, Manatee and more including a Dog and Cat!

Woodendipity Black Bear on top of Mailbox ... Woodendipity Style Mailboxes Woodendipity Style Bantam Rooster Mailbox

Check out the NEW WOODENDIPITY Style PLANTERS below!

Copper Mailboxes of Distinction

You can design your own mailbox!

Select a Design: Nature Themes, Sea Life, Birds and more
Select the glass panel and select the beautiful Copper Finish!


Nothing says "Sportsman" like a
 Winchester Super-X mailbox !
Winchester Super X shot gun shell mailbox
NEWEST Addition
Winchester "AA" Shotgun shell Mailbox
Winchester "AA" shot gun shell mailbox

House Shaped Mailboxes

Adorable Hand painted House Mailboxes ... and Light House Mailboxes with Solar power Light

 House shaped mailboxes, light house shaped mailboxes with solar lights  Light house mailbox solar lights

Church Mailboxes Too!
Shingle Roof CHurch Mailbox


Unique Vehicle Mailboxes

  Vehicle Mailboxes

Newest Unique Mailbox! Antique Fire truck Mailbox .... personalization optional!

Cars, Trains, Plane and More  Unique Vehicle and Car Mailboxes ...   Antique Pick Up Truck mailbox,  Bi-Plane mailbox, Train mailbox, School Bus mailbox, Fire truck mailbox, Golf Cart mailbox, Touring Bus Mailbox and so MORE

 School Bus mailbox

Fire House, Fire Engine and Caboose Mailboxes

Animal Designs and More Copper Covered Mailboxes

Beautifully Hand Etched Copper Covered Mailboxes in Many Animal Designs


Sailboat copper wallmount

Happy Face Mailman
Smiley Stick Person with a Mailbox

smiley face mailbox man, happy mailman mailbox man

NEW Little Happy Man also available

Animal Theme and MORE Home and Garden Decor
Solid Brass Dog Door Knockers, Nautical Theme Door Knockers, Dog Door Bells, Bird Baths, Bird Feeders, Woodendipity Animal Shaped Planter Boxes, Woodendipity Brother Francis Bird Feeder and more unique Outdoor living decor, Animal Theme Home and Garden Accents

Functional Garden Art ...  Indoor ~ Outdoor Unique Fun, Featuring Animals and More

 Address Plaques and House Markers

Cast Aluminum and Brass  (NEVER RUSTS) Animal Theme House Markers featuring a wide variety of ANIMALS , Nautical Theme and MORE

 Mailbox and Post Address Signs

Offering Cast aluminum (no rust) Mailbox Topper Address Signs, Post mounted Address Signs and featuring beautifully detailed  painted Animal Ornaments ...Garden Bells with Animal Toppers too!

Brass Door Bells and Door Knockers 

   Hand crafted Solid Brass Doorbells in Animal Shapes with a polished verdigris finish. The doorbell buttons illuminate for evening visibility. Many of our doorbells, have matching Solid Brass Door Knockers.

Bird Feeders, Bird Baths and Sundials

Chickadee Twilight Lantern

For Bird Lovers
 Beautifully detailed Solid Brass and Aluminum Bird Feeders ... Garden Accents and Patio Decor for Gardeners and Bird Lovers

Loon Sundial

Unique Dog Door Knockers

brass dog head door knockers, golden retriever door knocker, poodle door knocker, schnauzer door knocker, german c shepherd door knocker, pug door knocker, lab door knocker

Stunningly Beautiful Detail!

Several Breeds to Chose from along with PAW PRINT Doorbell
dog paw doorbell, dog doorbells

Nautical , Sea Life and MORE Polished Brass Door Knockers

Lighthouse Door knocker in polished brass and bronze

 with Coordinating Doorbells

crab door bell door ringer brushed nickel (Solid brass)


Woodendipity Planter Boxes

Woodendipity Style Animal Shaped Planter Boxes made of Cedar to enhance your indoor or outdoor Living Spaces! ... Built to last and Cause Smiles ! Fun & Functional Art for your Home or Garden

Woodendipity Basset Hound Planter Box   
 Dog Breed Planters
West Highland Terrier Planter box

Boston Terrier Planter Box

Coming Soon

Brother Francis
Breakfast and Bath


 Woodendipity Brother Francis

Brother Francis Bird Feeder

 Woodendipity's Brother Francis Bird Feeder
Beloved Patron of Saints of all creatures large and small 
The Pet Collection

Memorial Markers, Personalized Pet Name Signs and MORE
personalized Dog and cat Name plaques, dog mailboxes

Gentle Dog Beware of Owner sign

Brass Home Accents

  Butterfly Hose Holder

Hose Holders and Faucets / Hose taps with ANIMAL Ornaments


Outdoor Living Decor

Labrador Retriever Clock and Thermometer combo Out Door Wall Art

Offering Decorative All Weather Clocks and Thermometers that combine functional quality with a unique elegant flair to enhance and beautify your Outdoor Living Environment along with Decorative Welcome Mats available with personalization!

 Dog Door Bells

Show your Love Dog Lovers!

dog door bells, dog breeds on door bells, release the hound door bell

Awesome selection including
  Paw Prints
Fun and Functional Fabulous Fans!

Great assortment of different animals !
Dogs, Cats, Tropical Sea Life,
Birds, Wild Animals and MORE!!!

Macaw Shaped Fan, fans shaped like aniamls, zebra fan, bear fan, giraffe fan, frog, eagle, flamingo, bear, panda, hummingbird, dog fan, cat shaped fan, tropical fish, elephant fan, zebra fan, moose fan,
Soooo Unique !!!
 Great Decorator Accent Piece
Animal Weathervanes

 Weathervanes for your roof top or garden
 Dogs, Cat, Tropical and Farm Animals!

dog breed weather vanes, garden weather vanes with dogs , animal roof top weather vanes

Large selection of Dog Breeds ..
If you don't see your breed , just ask us!

Unique Fantasy Fish

fun fantasy fish .. decor for your home, fence, patio, boat, dock etc

Fun and Artistic addition to your fence, patio walls or even the front of your house .. docks, anyplace you want to ad a touch of whimsy and color
"Orange" roughy Fantasy Fish .. fun decor for your home, dock, boat, patio etc

Coming Soon

Pot People ... Unique Ceramic Garden Pot People Planters
large WInking Pot Person ... ceramic vase pot people
Pot People

WARNING ... Pot People are likely to cause SMILES!

Absolutely Adorable .... Hand crafted and painted Ceramic Pot People

Welcome Ceramic Crocks

Welcome Pineapple ceramic crock . personalize with your last name, wedding date or house purchase date , even birth date

Several different designs, color choices and uses!

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All of our Unique Mailboxes take between 4 to 12 weeks depending upon the amount of orders we currently have and depending on which mailbox is ordered. We do not offer refunds for any of our Hand made Custom Mailboxes or Personalized items.

 If your mailbox/purchase is damaged in during delivery , you must contact us (call) immediately so we can take the proper action with Fed Ex or UPS. Your mailbox will be picked up and a new one will be made for you. If you do not report the damage IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the package, this warranty is void

WE DO ship many of these items internationally however, please call or email to verify prior to placing the order as we certain items overseas are NOT eligible for overseas shipping due to the size . Many of the mailboxes exceed the shipping box size restrictions imposed by the Post Office.

If you place an order and then cancel because you discover you are unable to use it in your area or decide you do not want to wait the time it may take, you will be charged a $10 - $15 cancellation fee ... no exceptions

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Thank you for visiting!  Check back for New Additions to our Unique Home Decor and Novelty Mailbox Collection


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